Thursday, June 16, 2011

the first time with children's book illustration

Happy Summer!

I would like to share a series of my old works as my first post!
I believe lots of the AAU illustration Students are pretty familiar with the story "Selfish Giant." :D

This was my first series of Children's Book works I finished during the School years.
I've never study in art school before I came to AAU, creating a series of painting, creating characters for the story was quite a challenge. I worked really hard.
And the result was pretty satisfying!

Sometimes I when felt I hit the wall of my art, I look back of what i've done, these paintings always remind me of my passion towards children's book illustration, and the spirit I had to get through the challenges.

Do you have a piece like that? please share with us!

Enjoy the work!

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  1. They look great together and wonderful to see your development as an artist.