Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finally! Finished project's dummy book and conference

Hi everyone! My name is Isabella Kung and this is my first post here. This is a great idea to stay connected, and I'm glad I'm part of it. I look forward to meeting you all on 8/10/2011! My website is

I will be attending the SCBWI conference this weekend and I am super excited!! Been busy printing out promotional postcards, re-printing portfolios, but most of all finishing my book so I can make a dummy book before the conference!! And YES!! it's finally done!! The title is "Leo's Job" and it took about 3.75 months total to finish. All done in watercolor on paper. My client and I are both really happy with the results. Big thanks to Lois for teaching me how to bind a book!! Scroll down, I took a few pictures! ;)

charging my ipod, ipad.....thats the cover of my dummy book, Leo's Job! The gold ribbon is only there because I need to attach this dummy book to my portfolio when I get to the portfolio showcase. Not really part of the design or anything....

I hope you enjoy it, I'll post again when it's printed.
Hope I get a great learning experience and some connections! Wish me luck :P


  1. Wow, Isabella, your work is amazing! I've seen one of your drawings in the Powell building. I hope that I can be as good as you by the time I graduate. :)

  2. Thank you Kelley! you are too kind! I have many many things to improve on, and I'm sure that list of improvement will be a never ending one!

    BTW Your pencil portraits look beautiful! :)

  3. Wonderful work - very professional, clean, kid-friendly. I've put together a book dummy before but probably the absolute wrong way because it doesn't come out that clean - any way you can share Lois' method??

  4. I would love to share the method. I'm not sure if I can explain very well through text, and unfortunately I did not take a record of pictures during the process. Though I'll do my best! you will need a lot of double side tape for this.

    -print out all your interior artwork (double-spread, without gutter)

    -while folding the pages, try to make those edges as sharp as possible

    -tape all the interior pages back to back.

    -print out the cover with additional space all around (about half to 1 inch)

    -tape 2 boards (i just used matt boards) measured to the size of a single cover page to the printed cover sheet, leaving the spine of the sheet and the extra space around the sheet.

    -cut small squares from the corner of the printed sheet (the extra space) so that you can fold the extra space over the taped boards. Also snip top and bottom of the spine part of the printed sheet.

    -Tape the folded parts and repeat with all the sides of the book

    -Tape the back of the 1st interior page to the inside of the cover and same for the back cover

    -Read your final work for the first time in book form!

    I know this sounds extremely confusing, though this is the best I can do for now. If I ever make another dummy book, I'll be sure to document it!