Monday, May 14, 2012

Children's Book Club and Google!

Google and the Academy of Art University's Children's Book Club
Meeting May 14, 2012 @ 3:00 PM

Today the AAU CBC had a meeting with some representatives from Google, Elliot Polokoff and Shiraz Siddiqui, to learn about their new social network Google+ and how our club can use it to improve our online presence. If you missed the meeting (or just want to review), here are the highlights from the earlier!

The Basics
  • Google is partnering with the AAU CBC in order to increase our online presence and get our artwork out into the world. We are taking part of a pilot group initiative to help Google shape their new network (Google+) and to help our club (and school) receive more exposure. Google wants to give groups and organizations like ours help so our voices can be heard in the world! They want to help us spark new conversations with interested parties which will provide us with endless opportunities.
  • Google+ will be an invaluable tool to help our club communicate with itself. Google+ “Hangouts” will allow up to 10 people video chat at once-- and as a new added feature, we can also broadcast our club “Hangout” meetings live onto the internet. This one tool alone will help bring our club together more, and also help make our online and international students feel like they are more a part of our club's community.
  • Because we are partnering with them, this opportunity will allow us to voice our feedback, opinions, and wishes directly to Google. We will be responsible for having helped shape Google+ as it grows and changes-- ALL while receiving more exposure for our careers and artwork.

What is Google+?
  • Google+ is a new social network that is, in many ways, similar to Facebook. Google+ is different than Facebook though, and can be used as a great supplemental tool for communication. Google+ is a two-way communication tool, as opposed to Facebook, which is mostly one-way. This can be invaluable in attracting new eyes to our club and our artwork, as well as helping us communicate with each other more effectively! It will make it easier for us to share our artwork with one another, share our story ideas, and get critiques on our pieces.
  • Any content that is put on Google+ gets fed straight into the Google search engine, which helps improve our chances to be seen and heard!
  • We have direct control over who can see anything we post. We can post items solely amongst ourselves, or share it with the entire world!
  • We still retain the copyrights to anything we post on Google+. It does NOT become the property of Google.

So How Does This Affect Me?
  • As an AAU CBC Member, we want YOU to use Google+ too! Learning how to use this powerful tool will be very helpful to you, and it's very simple and easy to set up.
  • You'll be able to participate in our Google+ Hangouts (video chats) for critiques and story feedback.
  • You will be able to begin making an online presence for yourself; this will help promote you, your portfolio, and your blog more. The more you're seen and heard online, the more likely publishers (and other clients) will notice you!

So How Do I Start?
  • First, you have to have a Gmail email address. If you don't already have one, you might want to consider signing up for one. It provides tons of space for emails, a built-in chat program, videochat program, etc. It's worth it!
  • After you sign up for (or sign in to) your Gmail account, look for a black bar at the top of your screen. In the uppermost lefthand corner, you'll see “+You”. Click on that, start filling out the information, and you're set!
  • Make sure to add all the important players to your new account. You'll want to make a “Circle” (aka a group) for everyone related to the Children's Book Club. Make sure to add the following people to make sure that you're connected!

  • Explore! Check out how Google+ works. See if any of your friends are on it. Try out the Hangout feature. Post new artwork to the group! Share a relevant article. Just play around with it and remember to have fun!
  • Do you have questions? I bet you do. This whole thing can be overwhelming all at once, but luckily for you, our new buddies at Google can't wait to help answer your questions. If you have ANY questions or need to know how to do something, ask either Elliot Polokoff or Shiraz Siddiqui. They're both very friendly and helpful.

    That's all for now! Good luck, and see you on Google+!

    Your friendly neighborhood Secretary/Treasurer,

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